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Overview CB125R

CB125R is a line of motor combined perfectly the optimal features of luxurious naker bike. It is a precious asset for those who like the speed of sport motor and like the durability of all-terrain motors.



Regardless of technical parameters of CB125R, you will hardly find out that this is a sport motor with cylinder capaicity of lower than 125cc. The motor possesses complicated design, which is sporty and which makes strange and attractive feeling.

The body of CB125R is designed basing on aerodynamic style of European style, modern naked style with seat height of 780mm, helping you control easily. Gas tank is designed short and high, the seat is long and small toward the rear, making it look like a lion coming to catch the prey, very strong.

Sportiness is also found in the rear shock in monoshock form and disk break system. Beside double engine, CB125R is also equipped with double disk break system for the front break and single disk break for the rear break. Accordingly, the system of 02 disk break for the front break applies the type of disk with flat channel of 300mm, which is very good looking; the break set is extremely sharp and free from binding, making it all safe for the rider. The rear break system applies the type of disk with flat channel of 240mm combined with stylish drive chain and alluminium foot peg which looks very sporty. In general, this design style is just like the brother motors in the segment of motors of higher than 600cc, making it more strong.


With tidy and scientific design, powerful and fuel saving engine, and friendly to the environment, CB125R is suitable to various kind of operating environment. The motnor operates flexibly both in the city and on long way…

As it is designed for the youth – who always appreciate luxuriness and style, CB125R is coated with very good looking wings to show dynamicity. If you like luxurines, you can buy the black CB125R. If you like to be outstanding in the city, you can choose the red CB125R. Or you can choose the yellow CB125R to be slylish…


Designed in sytle of naked bike, but CB125R is equipped with powerful features of sport bike line. Although the engine of CB125R is double cylinder L-TWIN with capacity of 124cc, it has quite high capacity, helping it raise speed quickly and strongly like a real sport motor.

CB125R engine has maximum capacity of 8.0 hp at turn round speed of 10.500 r/m. With 5 speed gear box and hydraulic pushing engine, CB125R can raise the spped from 0 to 100 km/h within 11,8-12,5 s.


The central disply system of CB125R is designed in same style as for high capacity models using electronic fuel indicator, kilometer and LED light turn round speed display, making it look dedicate and luxurious. With is good looking design, technical parameters will be displayed clearer when you ride at night.


The head light in diamond shape with high aerodynamic feature, large dimensions and multi-faceted, it can light well. This search light is combined with 02 cloud search lights designed uniquely above making it more vicissitiduous. When turning the light at night, the head light of CB125R looks like the face of an otus scops hunting for prey.


The rear lights and the rear signal light are moved close to the plate frame and the rear fender, making trange and impressive feeling. With completely new design applying LED light technology, CB125R, reflects very well, saving electricity and really durable.


The converted front shocks help it be effective in anti-vibration, not only helping the rider feel safe but also feel comfortable and attractive. The rear shocks sets the central by under mounting structure and exhausting set, helping keep balance well when turning and go smoothly on rough roads.


The exhaust tube is made of inox, designed with Dynamic archwise sound type, making the sound so attractive as the sound of Arrow exhaust tube that MotoGP racing motors usually use. With warm exhaust sound and engine sound when cutting the spped, the rider feels just like sitting on a real MotoGP though CB125R is all a medium sport motor.

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