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Overview CDR125

 Rebel USA Mini CDR125 has classic style with low saddle, equpied with 125cc engine. 


With measurements of 1.950 x 690 x 1.020 (mm) and saddle height of 660 mm, Mini CDR125 gets on very well with the female or motor lovers who have small body. This model is designed in café racer style, which has classic appearance while showing strength and sportiness. 


Although is is a cheap line, Mini CDR125 is equipped with those equipment and functions for high-class motor lines, such as wide band Typeless tire with high adherence, underbordy space of 180mm, which the motor runs flexibly on any ground. Sloping ability of 21 degree is also suitable for picnics in hilly and mountainous areas.





Mini CDR125 is equipped with digital LCD clock displaying the speed, turn round speed, fuel, etc. just like high-class motor lines. Such details as speed number light, signal light are arranged reasonably. The front buffer in form of up-side-down hydraulic spring combined with front and gear disk brake brings high safety for the user.







Mini CDR125 is equipped with 4 stroke engine, wind-cooled, cylinder capacity of 125cc with maximum power of 8.5 Kw at 8.000 r/m speed. This motor integrates 2 ways of starting by rod and by electric starter with C.D.I sparkling.










With pressure ratio of 9:4:1 and 125cc engine, Mini CDR125 is called “the powerful tiny”. It can perform burning-out, wheelie, etc. easily. Maximum speed according to the announcement of the manufacturer is about 118km/h, and actual experience on long way gave a result of 105 km/h. 5 speed gear box with 1 first then 4 operates quite fluently. The taper is quite sensible, which is suitable to those who know hand-taper motors well, especially the beauties.


Mini CDR125 is imported and assembled with perfect parts from Taiwan. There are 5 colors for choosing: white and red, orange and white, yellow and black, yellow and grey, and red and white.


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